Leicester Caledonian Society

Quiz Night 21st October 2016

In an attempt encourage more members to participate and to be a little more central we changed the venue for this year’s quiz to St Stephens in De Montfort Street Leicester.

It was touch and go as to whether the quiz would go head or not on Monday17th there were only 18 persons wanting to attend. Thanks to some reminders and a little encouragement, we finally reached a viable number, 33 members took part in a very good, entertaining evening with quite a bit of laughter.
Mr Colin Harrison supplied us with questions, that taxed our memories and knowledge of Current affairs, food etc.

Our quiz master Mr Graham Harrison did a sterling job despite the friendly banter with some participants.

At about eight thirty we stopped for refreshments, this year was a first in that we had a fish a chip supper. The supper was provided by the Grimsby Fisheries on Welford Road and they were very well received.

After our delicious suppers, we continued with the quiz. They say fish provides brain power, but some of us were having our doubts about that.  One or two of us were feeling decidedly sleepy after a good meal.

Mrs Ferrier presented the medals and trophy to the winners of this year’s quiz.

The winning team consisted of:
Dr & Mrs MacKay, Mrs M Thorpe and Mr & Mrs J Lewis with a Score of 80.50 points.

The Runners up were Mr & Mrs D Weynberg and Mr & Mrs Headley with a score of 77.

Well done to all of them.

The Council would like to thank Messrs Colin & Graham Harrison for all their hard work with preparing and reading the quiz questions.

Also, many thanks to the members who attended the evening.

Gina Ferrier


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